Sustainable Leadership in the 21st Century

Leaders of the future will be faced with challenging tasks in an increasingly complex and interconnected world. The course will explore emerging ideas about leadership and provide practical training in leadership. The Nordic Leadership Model and Servant Leadership will be in special focus. Sustainability and social responsibility will be discussed and the role of social entrepreneurs will be examined. The course will include both academic lectures, discussion periods and more practical approaches that will include assignments, group work and field trips.

The Sustainable Leadership program is split in two parts:

Part 1: Nordic Leadership Model; Servant leadership; Leading changes; Practical training in leadership; Leadership in NGOs; Leading Changes; Leadership Communication; Leadership Attributes. Leadership - company visits.

Part 2: Sustainability; Corporate Social Responsibility; Global Trends – Local Consequence; Social Justice and Human rights; Business Ethics and Social Entrepreneurship. Personal Responsibility: The individual as a Sustainable Leader. A visit to sustainable companies in Iceland.


Applicants have to be at least 18 years old and must have an educational background equivalent to one year at a university before the beginning of the program.


3,500 €
Seminars, accommodation, trips and full meals are included.

The trips include: Volcaneos, caves, waterfalls, natural springs, birdwatching, hiking, midnight sun, a boat trip, Golden Circle trip and trips to the scenes of famous movies.


Students from Bifröst partner universities get 20% discount. Early bird discount of 10% is available if applied before February 1. Groups of 5 students or more get 10% discount. The maximum discount a single student can get is 20%.

The application deadline is June 1, 2020. (We consider late applications.)

Course details

Academic level(s)Bachelor,Master,PhD,Other
Language of instruction
InstitutionBifröst University
Begin date18.07.2020
End date08.08.2020
Registration deadline01.06.2020
ECTS credits8.0
Field schoolYes
Fields of studyBusiness and administration (broad programmes)Management and administration
Teaching placeBifröst, Iceland
Tagsfield schoolsummer schoolsustainabilityleadership
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