Modern Greenlandic society (MOSA) – Master SAMF

The purpose of the course is to give students insight into the construction of modern Greenlandic society, how it develops and functions. The emphasis is on a comparative description and analysis of Greenlandic society, its people, businesses, and institutions and developments in these areas since the 1950s. The course can also be offered in Greenlandic and English, depending on the group.

The description and analysis of the modern society will be based on model community building, operating with elements of the state, the market and the civil society and relationships between these elements.

The state includes the Government or the municipalities, ie. structure, functions and relations with the outside world, including the relationship to the Kingdom of Denmark. Self-Government policies in different sector areas will be treated.

The market includes the Greenlandic business structure and evolution of the various occupations where the Government owned companies are a specific feature.

Civil society is governed primarily by the families and their living conditions, local communities and other social networks, voluntary organizations and political awareness.

The Greenlandic society is compared with other small states and Arctic communities and with modern European and North American societies.

Course details

Academic level(s)Master
Language of instructionDanish,English,Greenlandic
InstitutionIlisimatusarfik / University of Greenland
Begin date-
End date-
Registration deadline-
ECTS credits0.0
Field schoolNo
Fields of studySocial and behavioural science (others)
Teaching placeUniversity of Greenland
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