Peoples, Culture and Identities of the Arctic

The focus of the course is to outline the history, culture and social life of the northern peoples by bringing in approaches developed in social anthropology, sociology, art, history and education. The study module also deals with how northern peoples are adapting to contemporary issues such as globalisation, industrial development and environmental changes. The course covers a broad range of aspects on northern societies and cultures in the Arctic region, including: 1) Discourses of construction of indigeneity 2) Discursive understanding of the concept of “tradition” and issues of traditional ecological knowledge 3) Relations between development projects and community’s social viability (forestry, oil and gas, fishery and tourism) and resource governing 4) Local adaptations to environmental climate changes and social vulnerability 5) Various ethnographic accounts of local communities identity

No previous studies required

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Academic level(s)Bachelor
Language of instructionEnglish
InstitutionUniversity of Lapland
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ECTS credits5.0
Field schoolNo
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Teaching termAutumn semester
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