History and Politics of European Integration

History and Politics of European Integration (HPEI) is a multidisciplinary non-degree teaching programme. In its courses, students have the chance to investigate European integration as a historical process, as well as other aspects of European politics, e.g. the EU as an institution and the EU and the media. This programme looks at European Integration mostly from the point of view of political and contemporary history. However, the programme leaves room for other approaches, such as economic history and political science.

The programme is a part of the Department of Political Science and Contemporary History's teaching syllabus. It is open to Finnish students as well as to degree and exchange students from all departments of the University of Turku and the Åbo Akdemi University. The whole programme covers the two semesters of the academic year (September to May), and accepts both undergraduate and graduate students. The programme's courses are aimed at students with basic/intermediate knowledge of the European integration process, but some courses will also accommodate more advanced students.

Program details

Academic level(s)Other
Language of instructionEnglish
InstitutionUniversity of Turku
Fields of studyHistory and archaeologyPolitical science and civics
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