Nordic Master in Environmental Changes at Higher Latitudes (EnCHiL)

To better understand the effects of changes in nature and society at high latitudes, it is critical to identify the processes underlying these changes. The EnCHiL programme will present the student with different natural, physical, biological and social processes operating at high latitudes, and how they interact to shape arctic environments.

High latitude ecosystems and societies are changing at an accelerated rate. This is due to climate change, more tourism, increasing trans-polar transport and other economic activities. Therefore there is an increasing global need for experts having multidisciplinary training in environmental sciences to help the regions to work towards sustainable development within the framework of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The Nordic Master in Environmental Changes at Higher Latitudes (EnCHiL) provides high quality two-year science education at the highest international level and a practical experience within the Arctic region.

The EnCHiL Nordic Master programme offers international and Nordic students unique hands-on experience while addressing these important issues in a multidisciplinary environment and gives them opportunities to work with relevant Arctic topics in the wide network of the EnCHiL partners.

Who is EnCHiL for?

If you have a bachelor degree with some background in natural sciences and technology, and you are interested in understanding and developing skills for addressing the changes that are happening at higher latitudes, then EnCHiL is for you. You will learn with a cohort of international fellow students and will gain first-hand experience in relevant issues in higher latitudes.

Structure of the EnCHiL programme

The EnCHiL Nordic Master programme is a two-tear Master’s degree programme (120 ECTS) offered jointly by the EnCHiL consortium. EnCHiL students will take courses and develop a 30 ECTS thesis. The programme has a compulsory mobility scheme, where all students will at least spend one semester at another EnCHiL university. You can find more information about the structure of the programme here.

The EnCHiL consortium is formed by three main partners and four associated partners. The main partners are Agricultural University of Iceland, University of Helsinki, and Lund University. The associated partners are Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, Aarhus University, University of Oulu, and Estonian University of Life Sciences.

Application deadline(s)

For students not already studying at the EnCHiL partner universities, the application deadline is February 28 to start the programme in the fall of the same year. Please note that the programme starts in the fall semester only.

For students already studying at the EnCHiL universities the application deadline is April 15 to start the programme in the fall of the same year.

More information about the EnCHIL programme

Program details

Academic level(s)Master
Language of instructionEnglish
InstitutionUniversity of Helsinki
Fields of studyLife science (broad programmes)Physical science (broad programmes)
Tagsenvironmentenvironmental change
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