Environmental Changes at Higher Latitudes (EnCHiL)

The joint Nordic Master in Environmental Changes at Higher Latitudes (EnCHiL) is a two-year MSc degree programme, aimed at providing high quality multidisciplinary research-based education in Earth and Environmental Sciences.

High latitude ecosystems and societies are changing at an accelerated rate, due to climate change, more tourism, increasing trans-polar transport and other economic activities. There is therefore an increasing need for experts with a multidisciplinary training in environmental sciences to work towards the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in the nordic region.

To better understand the effects of changes in nature and society at high latitudes, it is critical to identify the processes underlying these changes. The EnCHiL programme will present the student with different natural, physical, biological and social processes operating at high latitudes, and how they interact to shape arctic environments.

EnCHiL offers international and Nordic students unique hands-on experience to address these issues in a multidisciplinary environment and gives them opportunities to work with relevant Arctic topics in the wide network of the EnCHiL partners: the Agricultural University of Iceland, Lund University in Sweden, Helsinki University and Oulu University in Finland, Aarhus University in Denmark in collaboration with the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, and the Estonian University of Life Sciences.

The curriculum contains an mandatory mobility period of at least one semester, which is instrumental to reach one of the EnCHiL programme’s objectives, that is, that the students attain first-hand, personal and deep multidisciplinary knowledge on the ongoing environmental changes taking place at higher latitudes, and their effects on both nature and society.

EnCHiL received the Nordic Master Programme acknowledgement from the Nordic Council of Ministers in 2019. You can find up to date information about the EnCHiL programme on the programme website: https://enchil.net/

Program details

Academic level(s)Master
Language of instructionEnglish
InstitutionAgricultural University of Iceland
Fields of studyEnvironmental scienceEarth scienceNatural environments and wildlife
Tagsenvironmentclimate changemultidisciplinarynatural resources
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