Master of Science in Biological Chemistry

Do you want to work in the forefront of organic biology, environmental adaptation of plants and microorganisms, cancer research, computational biology and synthetic chemistry? As student at the University of Stavanger, you will become a part of research groups targeting these fields.

The first semester in the Master program in Biological Chemistry, the students will attend classes in Biophysical Chemistry, Modern Analytical Instrumentation and a practical course in Molecular Biology. Upon starting the second semester, the students will choose between two specializations.

A substantial feature of this Master's programme is a nine month research project (thesis), where the students have the opportunity to perform their MSc project in one of the labs at the University of Stavanger, collaborators in the public sector or in a lab in the private industry sector.

By the end of the programme the students will have acquired practical and theoretical skills in molecular biology, biophysical chemistry and practical bioinformatics or in organic chemistry. They will also have experience in various analytical techniques and research methods, and get training in the presentation of scientific results.

For international students, the programme offers two specialisations:

Molecular Biology

Students choosing the specialisation in Molecular biology will attend courses focusing on techniques used when examining biological processes in living organisms such as bioinformatics and protein biochemistry. Electives are chosen from courses focusing on within food science or human disease.


Students choosing the specialisation in chemistry will focus on organic chemistry and will attend courses in advanced Organic chemistry and spectrometry. The electives can be chosen from courses in bioinformatics, water chemistry and separation technology.

Program details

Academic level(s)Master
Language of instructionEnglish
InstitutionFaculty of Science and Technology - University of Stavanger
Fields of studyBiology and biochemistry
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