Earth Sciences (Geology/Geophysics)

Earth Sciences – including Geology, Geophysics and Environmental Geoscience - is a broad scientific discipline that is intellectually fascinating and directly relates to many human activities. Its importance to society comes from the fact that many natural resources vital for our economy and well-being (e.g. oil and gas, minerals, groundwater) are extracted from the Earth. Overall, our aim is to teach you about the fundamental processes that form the Earth and how best to extract natural materials while minimizing damage to the natural environment. We offer a number of degree streams that meet Professional Registration requirements, yet allow students to follow their individual interests. We promote skills in written and oral communication and data analysis, so that our graduates have the foundation to become critical scientists who can make a real contribution to our society. Available programs of study in Earth Sciences: • Major in Earth Sciences • Honours in Earth Sciences • Joint Majors and Honours • Minor in Earth Sciences Specializations – Geology stream: Hard Rock, Tectonics and Mineral Resources; Sedimentary Basins; Environmental Geology; or Comprehensive – Gepohysics stream: Applied Geophysics –

Program details

Academic level(s)Bachelor
Language of instructionEnglish
InstitutionMemorial University of Newfoundland
Fields of studyPhysical science (others)
Tagsnatural resources
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