BLUE MBA: Business Solutions for a Changing Arctic

Environmental changes occurring throughout the Arctic and particularly in Alaska’s oceans, coasts, and inland waters present significant challenges and opportunities to a broad range of businesses and the global economy. To meet these challenges, there is a growing demand for leaders with the combined skills of business and science, particularly in fisheries, oceanography, and climate science and policy.

The UAF Blue MBA program combines an accredited Master of Business Administration in the School of Management (SOM) with a concentration in fisheries, marine biology and oceanography, offered through the College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences (CFOS).


Based at America’s Arctic University, the UAF Blue MBA degree program increases the marketability and workforce opportunities for individuals interested in pursuing a career focused on the intersection of business and aquatic resources. Graduates will have the knowledge and skills needed to develop business models to ensure the sustainable use of marine and freshwater resources. The program is unique to Alaska, and appeals broadly to the national and international business community with its focus on resource extraction industries.

The UAF Blue MBA is particularly beneficial for individuals interested in developing a more sustainable use of Alaskan and Arctic natural resources and industries, including the following:

   • Fisheries and Aquatic Resource
   • Energy and Offshore Development
   • Maritime Domain Awareness
   • Tourism and Marine Navigation




This degree program is designed primarily for students with a STEM baccalaureate degree. Interested applicants are encouraged to contact the School of Management to enroll and obtain more information regarding preparation and prerequisite training.


HOW TO APPLY: Prospective students should apply through UAF's School of Management.

Required materials include the following:

   • Statement of purpose
   • Official Transcript
   • Three letters of recommendation
   • GRE scores (55% or higher) if GPA is below 2.75, otherwise Watson Glaser
   • TOEFL (international students)
   • CV/Resume
   • University Application


Please contact UAF's School of Management directly for more information.



The UAF Blue MBA program (30 credits total) allows students to take three approved graduate-level courses from CFOS and pair these with core MBA courses plus two SOM electives. Courses are offered entirely online in both asynchronous and video conference format. The Blue MBA curriculum consists of the following courses:

   • MBA 617: Organizational Theory for Managers

   • MBA 643: Marketing Management

   • MBA 675: Quantitative Methods for Managers

   • MBA 680: Financial Markets and Strategy

   • MBA 690: Corporate Strategy

• Three 600-level CFOS courses, approved by a CFOS faculty member and the MBA Advisor

• Two approved SOM or CFOS electives at the F400 or F600 level


Examples of CFOS courses:

   • Oceans and Global Change

   • Seafood Business

   • Oceanography, Fisheries and the Arctic

   • Human Dimensions of Environmental Systems

   • North Pacific Fisheries Management Council: A Case Study

   • The Alaska Board of Fisheries: A Case Study

Program details

Academic level(s)Master
CountryUnited States
Language of instructionEnglish
InstitutionUniversity of Alaska Fairbanks
Fields of studyBusiness and administration (broad programmes)Management and administrationFisheries
Tagsfisheriesmarine biologybusiness administration
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