Professional Science Master’s in Ocean Food Systems

The Professional Science Master's in Ocean Food Systems is a “local-to-global” degree program that will be accepting students from throughout North America in 2019. This PSM was developed over a 2-year period by the University of New England and UNE NORTH in cooperation with two Icelandic universities: The University of Akureyri and Holar University College, and will expand to cooperate with the Univeristy of Gothenburg (Sweden) and Nord University (Norway).

This 12-month degree program will combine the strengths of these institutions to examine holistically ocean foods value chains in fisheries and aquaculture, and their interactions with marine governance, law, management, and policy. The program’s goal is to train the next generation of sustainability-minded leaders who will pioneer the sustainable development of North Atlantic/Arctic “farm to fork” and “port to plate” ocean food systems.

Students enrolled in the PSM in Ocean Food Systems will earn a UNE degree while benefiting from the expertise of instructors, researchers, and industry professionals throughout the North Atlantic, and building the skills and networks needed for success in the 21st century innovation economy. Courses, seminars, and workshops conducted by UNE, Akureyri, and Holar faculty via Global Classroom technologies will allow students in Maine and Iceland to work together to deepen their knowledge and skills.

During two-week residencies in Iceland and Maine, UNE’s PSM students, together with faculty and industry partners, will identify local challenges to be studied as thesis projects. These projects, conducted over the course of the program, will involve an industry/business partner, creating excellent opportunities for direct employment while allowing students to explore their passions and gain the skills and knowledge they need to be leaders along the ocean food supply chain.

Program details

Academic level(s)Master
CountryUnited States
Language of instructionEnglish
InstitutionUniversity of New England
Fields of studyFisheries
Tagsaquaculturemarine governance
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