Dendrochronology and Tree-Ring Research

The program is intended for graduates and degree-seeking professionals interested in research related to tree-rings and digital wood anatomy. The program is research-focused: it provides a basic well-rounded training in fundamentals and applications of tree-ring research but the most credits are given for the individual research project.

Practical training and research projects are carried out in the laboratory with the up-to-date equipment for measuring tree-ring width, wood microanatomy characteristics, digital image acquisition and stitching, and with software for processing the measurements and tree-ring modeling.

SibFU provides on-campus and distant access to the collections of research journals and major platforms of research literature indexing.

Duration — three semesters (one and a half year). Program total credits — 120 ECTS. The curriculum includes theoretical and practical classes: dendroclimatology and dendroecology, functional and ecological wood anatomy and physiology of tree-ring growth, fundamental and applied digital wood anatomy, tree-ring modeling, oral and written communication in the research community.

Target audience: students with a BSc degree in Biology, Ecology, Forest Science, Plant Sciences or Environmental Sciences

Program details

Academic level(s)Master
Language of instructionEnglish
InstitutionSiberian Federal University
Fields of studyBiology and biochemistryEnvironmental scienceForestryNatural environments and wildlife
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