Innovative Governance and Public Management, Nordic Master

Nordic societies are globally known for their well-functioning public services and their ability to combine equity with efficiency. The Nordic Master Programme in Innovative Governance and Public Management (NORDIG) provides its students a unique opportunity to learn how Nordic societies function and how they address key challenges that the public sector is facing today.

NORDIG educates international experts who are able to tackle complex societal problems and develop state-of-the art, innovative solutions for both public and private sectors by resorting to multi-disciplinary perspectives and collaborations with key stakeholders.

NORDIG puts a strong emphasis on the interplay between theory and practice. It equips graduates with excellent learning and networking skills and the ability to understand and manage complex networks, service production and value chains. These skills and competencies are particularly relevant given the changing nature of the public and private sectors; such as the blurring of boundaries between the two, the pressure for responding swiftly to societal demands, as well as the enormous socio-economic and political challenges facing European societies in years to come.

What do you learn?

The programme educates students to understand public interests and values and the impacts of public services and policies on citizens, organisations and society at large. NORDIG’s curriculum adds a truly Nordic dimension to studies on public administration and public policy. Graduates from the programme are equipped with generic and domain-specific competencies needed in the labour market and post-graduate studies.

Course structure

The programme is organized jointly by the University of Tampere (Finland), The University of Agder (Norway) and the Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden) and gives the opportunity to study in three excellent Nordic universities.

Students admitted to the programme will follow the same study path and mobility scheme; the first semester at University of Tampere, the second semester at University of Agder and the third semester at Royal Institute of Technology. In the fourth semester, students can choose to do their master's thesis at either University of Tampere or University of Agder. 

Mobility of the programme is supported by scolarships. Read more about scholarships at the NORDIG website

Admission requirements

You are eligible to apply to a Master's degree programme if you:

  • have completed a university level Bachelor's degree or equivalent in the field of social sciences (e.g. administrative sciences, political science, business administration) or other relevant field (e.g. engineering) *
  • have fluency in English sufficiently advanced for academic studies. 

Applications are submitted through an electronic application system administered by University of Tampere.

*Applicants who have not completed their Bachelor’s degree by the application deadline are also eligible to apply. In this case, they can be admitted to the programme on the condition that they graduate and send an officially attested copy of the degree certificate to the University before the start of the studies (exact deadline will be given yearly). If the applicant does not submit the degree certificate to the University in time, this conditional admission will expire.

Program details

Academic level(s)Master
Language of instructionEnglish
InstitutionUniversity of Agder
Fields of studySocial and behavioural science (broad programmes)Political science and civics
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