Cultural Sociology

You should choose this master programme if you have an interest in the relationship between society and people and in the cultural encounters that happen every time people meet across for instance age, professions, nationality, gender, health and religion.

The master programme in Cultural Sociology consists of 120 ECTS, corresponding to two years full-study. The programme provides you with specialized socio-cultural analytical and methodological competencies that support a career as project manager and facilitator of transformation processes or as relation manager in (inter-organizational) associations. You will become an attractive asset for organizations and companies that work with local development and interaction with users, citizens, clients and consumers.

The master programme has a strong practical focus where students are given the opportunity to apply socio-cultural theories and methods in practice. During the education programme you will cooperate with different organizations and companies, where you will develop and complete projects and studies during each semester. This way you achieve a practical understanding and can build up a network, which is an advantage when you look for a job after graduation.

The focus of the master programme is on transformation processes in modern society with specific attention paid to the role played by social and cultural factors such as the perception of the body, gender issues, family relations, time, space, cultural encounters, globalization, rules and laws, institutionalization and clientisation. You will attain strong competencies in applying quantitative and qualitative research methods as well as insights into evaluation practice with the aim of founding the analyses on qualified research.

In the programme you will choose between to socio-cultural profiles:

MSc Cultural Sociology in Social Transformation Processes

MSc Cultural Sociology in Law, Power and Social Justice

NOTE: students can either study for a full master degree or as exchange students for one or two semesters.

Program details

Academic level(s)Master
Language of instructionEnglish
InstitutionDepartment of Sociology, Environmental and Business Economics - University of Southern Denmark
Fields of studySociology and cultural studies
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