Bachelor of Science in Biology

How did life on Earth evolve? How does DNA code for important biological functions? How does the food-chain look like at the bottom of the sea? How does climate change affect animals and plants? These are some of the questions that biology seeks to answer. As a student in biology at Nord University, you will learn about the fundamentals of life in the beautiful surroundings of Northern Norway.

Why are some individuals more sexually attractive than others? What mechanisms make living organisms resist bacteria, viruses and parasites? How are seabirds influenced by uncontrolled oil spills?

These are some of the questions the study of biology seeks to answer. Biology helps us to understand living organisms, and this study programme gives you a solid background for a future career in biology, e.g. within the fields of conservation, sustainable development, marine resources and molecular biology.

About the programme:

The teaching language is English, with exception of some of the first year courses, which is also offered in Norwegian.
This study programme provides basic knowledge in biological topics including ecology, evolution, biodiversity, genetics as well as basic chemistry, mathematics and statistics. In some courses the students participate in lab and field activities.

The last year of the program is more flexible so that students have an opportunity for some specializing according to their interests. Advanced level elective courses are offered, including bachelor's thesis, 15 weeks of work experience in Norway or abroad, a semester or two abroad at a partner University, or courses at the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS).

The BSc Biology programme qualifies for an Master in Bioscience.

Program details

Academic level(s)Bachelor
Language of instructionEnglish
InstitutionNord University
Fields of studyLife science (broad programmes)
Tagsecologybiologymarine biologylife sciencemarine ecosystems
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