International Emergency Management

This programme targets people who wish to increase their competence in societal safety and emergency management and/or have important functions in an emergency situation. The programme will be of relevance to people in the public sector, private sector and volunteer organisations whose focus is on societal safety and emergency management. It will also be relevant to industries such as the land and sea-based transport sector.

This programme qualifies candidates for reporting and advisory tasks in the public sector, private sector and volunteer organisations. Combined with suitable vocational experience, the programme also qualifies candidates for management and specialist tasks in similar areas. The programme provides fundamental knowledge about interaction across different industries and communities, skills in analysing and judging acute emergency situations where lives, external environment and property may be at risk, evaluation and prevention and preparation of suitable preparedness for such situations.

The programme focuses on societal safety, risk conditions and emergency management in the High North and in an international perspective, but will also be relevant to other regions and conditions. In the various courses, major emphasis will be attached to a practical approach through exercises and simulations. Collaboration with national and international institutes means that this programme will be able to offer a unique combination of subjects on a practical and theoretical level.

Main courses focus on knowledge related to the High North, earth science, environment and vulnerability, organisation, management and logistics, operations management, risk and risk management and exercises. A practical approach, and competencies in the planning and implementation of exercises in an emergency management context, is central in this programme.

Target groups: police, fire service, health, civil defence, military organisations, civil organisations, humanitarian organisations, directorates and government departments, municipal and county councils and privately owned companies.

Program details

Academic level(s)Bachelor
Language of instructionNorwegian
InstitutionUiT The Arctic University of Norway
Fields of studySecurity services (others)
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