Global Studies

The globalisation affects all aspects of the society. Global Studies focuses on the motivation forces behind the globalisation and its effect on the three central spheres of the society: the state, the markets and civil society.

The full degree graduate programme in Global Studies consists of four modules. You can be accepted at Global Studies by completing a bachelor degree in International Studies.

The study programme is organised around three themes:

  • Global Politics, Global Governance, Regionalisation and State Sovereignty
  • Political Culture, Civil Society, Social Movements and Globalisation
  • Global Political Economy - Globalisation of Goods, Bads and Welfare

Each theme has a disciplinary bias, but students are encouraged to approach the themes from a multi-disciplinary perspective in their projects and during class discussions.

The objective of Global Studies is to produce graduates with an interdisciplinary understanding of the political, social and economic processes and consequences of globalisation. On this foundation, graduates can fill business positions which require indepth insight into international political control, international development, global social change, European integration and transnational economic dynamics. Graduates will also be capable of occupying positions which require a thorough understanding of the interplay between Danish societal conditions and international and global processes of change. The study programmes are oriented towards employment within both the public and private sectors.

Program details

Academic level(s)Master
Language of instructionEnglish
InstitutionRoskilde University
Fields of studyBasic/broad, general programmes
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