Offshore Energy Systems (Sustainable Energy Engineering)

We have designed the MSc programme in Sustainable Energy Engineering with the specialisation in Offshore Energy Systems (OES) and the specialisation primarily focuses on advanced competences in design, analysis and modelling of offshore energy systems and the system component interaction. Furthermore, the specialisation includes advanced competences regarding fluid mechanics and flow system, such as CFD and multiphase flows, fluid power and mechanical systems together with control, optimisation and diagnosis of offshore energy systems.

Offshore Energy Systems (OES) is a two year’s MSc programme (120 ECTS). Students can also study here as a guest student for one or two semesters. The programme is taught in an innovative, dynamic and challenging environment, through a combination of research-based courses, team-based project work and a high degree of interaction with industrial partners and energy supply companies.

The companies take an active part in providing project proposals for the problem-oriented project work, guest lectures and visits to the companies.

In the MSc programme in Offshore Energy Systems (OES), you will study technologies related to all different kinds of energy systems such as offshore wind turbines and oil rigs, wave energy, etc.

The programme covers various technologies for energy transfer, harvesting and control of offshore energy systems. The programme provides knowledge of how to design, analyse and model mechanical systems, fluid power systems and electrical systems with complex dynamics and elements with non-linear behaviour.

Program details

Academic level(s)Master
Language of instructionEnglish
InstitutionAalborg University
Fields of studyEngineering and engineering trades (others)
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