Environmental Engineering

The Environmental Engineering Programme at Aalborg University, Denmark offers you the opportunity to participate in the development of new processes and technology, which can form the base for sustainable energy production and resource management.

As a graduate student in the Environmental Engineering Programme you will work with projects from different areas of environmental engineering, for example climate-friendly energy production, sustainable agricultural or industrial production, or development of new and innovative technology for preventing soil, air or water contamination.

It is a very cross-disciplinary programme where you use your knowledge of chemistry, physics, biology and microbiology to investigate and solve environmental challenges in cities, industry, agriculture and nature.

You can for instance work with energy from biomass and waste, biological air cleaning in industry and animal farming, methods for rapid detection of bacteria in drinking water, biological methods for assessment of water quality in rivers and lakes or improvement of indoor climate in buildings at contaminated soil sites.

You will learn both to prevent and to solve a wide range of environmental problems.

Program details

Academic level(s)Master
Language of instructionEnglish
InstitutionAalborg University
Fields of studyEngineering and engineering trades (others)
Tagsenvironmentsustainabilitynatural resources
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