Effects of climate change on Arctic livelihoods and living conditions

INAR is organizing several times a year multidisciplinary training courses for PhD students. The courses have a problem-based approach allowing the students to familiarize themselves with the research infrastructure and data collected at the SMEAR II station, data analysis, multidisciplinary collaboration and scientific writing. The students come from involved universities and other collaboration organizations all around the world.

 The course is given jointly by University of Helsinki, Agricultural University of Iceland, University of
Iceland, Aarhus University, Lund University, Estonian University of Life Sciences, University of
Eastern Finland, University of Oulu, Technical University of Denmark, University of Greenland, and
Greenland Climate Research Centre.
The course is given in four parts. Parts I-III are studied online, and part IV is given as a two-week
intensive course in two locations, Nuuk and Reykjavík.
Parts I and II are open for everyone interested. Students for parts III and IV are selected based on the
grade of the learning diary of part I and the project report part II.

Course details

Academic level(s)Master,PhD,Other
Language of instruction
InstitutionUniversity of Helsinki
Begin date01.01.2018
End date12.07.2018
Registration deadline31.01.2018
ECTS credits0.0
Field schoolYes
Fields of studyBasic/broad, general programmes
Teaching placeNuuk, Greenland and Reykjavík, Iceland
Tagsarcticsummer schoolfieldschool
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