Geological mapping summer field camps

Institute of Earth Sciences of Saint-Petersburg State University organises field camps on geological mapping during summer 2017: French Alps Orogeny in Western Alps in June, Basement Rocks of North Norway in June, and Caledonides of South-west Norway in August.

in collaboration with UniLaSalle Beauvais, France

Starts in June

The summer field course includes two parts, one to understand regional geological context and another to create geological map in subalpine area. “Transect of the Alps” is a 1-week geological excursion through the Western arc of Alps. During that students see all structural parts of the Alps, including the Helvetic system (outer area) and Zermatt-Saas zone (inner area) between Grenoble and Briançon and covering the Embrunais region. Mapping exercise during 2 weeks is taking place in Montbrun-les-Bains area (subalpine Provence) in National park of the Provencal Baronnies. It is a folded-faulted domain of the external alpine zone, limited to the south by the massif of the Ventoux-Lure and mainly composed by MZ-KZ sedimentary rocks.

Contact person: Dr. Nadezhda ALFIMOVA,


in collaboration with University of Tromsø, Norway

Starts in June

The summer field course takes place in the vicinity of Alta, Northern Norway. The mapping area (Lille Raipas site) is located within the Alta tectonic window where low-grade metamorphic rocks of Precambrian basement, Neoproterozoic para-autochthonous sedimentary rocks and overlying allochthonous Caledonian rocks outcrop. The field class provides an opportunity to observe various magmatic, sedimentary and metamorphic rock structures, different types of geological boundaries, and deformation of rocks. This area is famous for its history of copper mining and the worldwide cultural heritage – the stone-age carvings and the Struve Geodetic Arc. The duration of the field school is 28 days including mapping and excursions.

Contact person: Dr. Marina KORESHKOVA,


in collaboration with University of Oslo, Norway

Starts in August

The summer field course in southern-west Norway includes transect through Caledonian mountain belt, Oslo Rift trip and 15-day mapping course on the Atløyna island in the Atlantic ocean. Caledonian transect provides an exceptionally well-documented example of late collisional tectonics in an Alpine-type orogeny from the cratonic foreland, in the east, through the heavily deformed continental margin, to the remains of the Caledonian ocean complex to the west. Intensive 15-day outdoor mapping course on the Atløyna island includes geology field methods and data interpretation exercises. Oslo Rift trip provided in collaboration with Oslo University and includes uncommonly varied geology with Precambrian basement rocks, covered by sedimentary rocks of lower Paleozoic age and rift-related sedimentary, volcanic and intrusive rocks formed in the late Carboniferous to Permian time.

Contact person: Dr. Oleg VERESHCHAGIN,

Course details

Academic level(s)Bachelor,Master
Language of instruction
InstitutionSt. Petersburg University
Begin date01.06.2017
End date31.08.2017
Registration deadline-
ECTS credits0.0
Field schoolYes
Fields of studyEarth science
Teaching placeWestern Alps, North Norway, South-west Norway
Tagsfield schoolsummer schoolgeology
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