Methodology and legal science within the international Law of the sea

The course covers methodological aspects of both legal and multi-/interdisciplinary research of relevance to doctoral research in the law of the sea.

The course will train the students on the sources of international law, their interpretation, and the relationship between formal sources of international law, such as the Law of the Sea Convention, and other normative instruments, such as the often non-legally binding decisions adopted by international organizations, like the IMO and OSPAR. Also covered are the relationship between the law of the sea and other branches of international law such as international environmental law and trade law, and the role of other disciplines in research related to the law of the sea.

The course covers topics that are of direct relevance to individual students’ doctoral projects and the students should be able to refine their research questions as well as develop the analytical framework for their research projects.

Course details

Academic level(s)PhD
Language of instruction
InstitutionUiT The Arctic University of Norway
Begin date15.06.2017
End date16.06.2017
Registration deadline03.04.2017
ECTS credits3.0
Field schoolYes
Fields of studyLaw (broad programmes)
Teaching placeTromsö, Norway
Tagslawinternational lawlaw of the sea
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