Barents Summer School 2016: Towards Sustainable Communities in the Barents Region

The interdisciplinary PhD course “Towards Sustainable Communities” covers the complexity of sustainability of the communities in the Barents Region. The region is scarcely populated, with large uninhabited areas and a few densely populated cities together with towns and smaller villages. The area is rich in natural resources: oil, diamonds, minerals, forests and wild nature.

The Barents Summer School is a collaboration between the universities of Umeå, Oulu, Tromsø and Archangelsk. It started in 2014. In 2016 it is hosted by the University of Oulu. Oulanka Research Station, located almost in the middle of the Barents Region, provides an excellent place for the Barents Summer School 2016.

The course will consist of preassignments, own study, intensive perod and final assignment (learning diary or an essay). The intensive period will introduce the concept of sustainability and extend the procedure into the characteristic to the Barents Region. These issues include among others tourism, nature parks, mining, environmental impacts, human health and wellbeing.

Hosting university: University of Oulu, Thule Institute and Aurora Doctoral Program

Date: August 1st - 6th 2016 (+travel day July 31st)
Place: Oulanka, Kuusamo, Finland

Form of teaching: All the students are expected to prepare in advance a short article and an oral presentation of their work, which will be presented during the summer school. The students have the responsibility to read and comment at least one article from a fellow student. The organizer will send instructions in due time before the course, and publish and distribute the articles in a form of proceedings (in electronic form).

Knowledge test: The final exam will be a short essay or a learning diary, which will be evaluated by the lecturers of the course.

How to apply: The number of students from each participating country is limited. Applications from each country should be sent to local coordinators, who will arrange the selection process together with their universities.

Application documents: A short CV with your contact information, university etc. (max one page) + a motivation letter including a description of your research (max one page)

The applications should be sent to the local coordinators. Deadlines may vary by university. Please contact your local coordinator for more information.

Contact persons

UiT The Arctic University of Norway: Torkjel M Sandanger
University of Oulu: Arja Rautio, Riitta Kamula
University of Umeå: Lena Maria NIlsson  
Northern Arctic Federal University: Marina Kalinina
Northern State Medical University: Yury Sumarokov

Course details

Academic level(s)PhD
Language of instruction
InstitutionUniversity of Oulu
Begin date01.08.2016
End date06.08.2016
Registration deadline30.05.2016
ECTS credits3.0
Field schoolYes
Fields of study
Teaching placeOulanka Research Station, Kuusamo, Finland
Tagsfield schoolsummer schoolbarents regioninterdisciplinary
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