Industrial Plants & Infrastructure Constructions in the Arctic

NOTE: course won't be offered until spring 2016. After completing the course students will have the knowledge and skills necessary to construct industrial plants (mines, smelters, on-shore oil installations, hydro-electric stations) and the related infrastructure (roads, ports, airports) on rock and permafrost in remote areas.

Core elements:

Geotechnics and Geophysics
Industrial Installations
Infrastructure Constructions


Site investigations
Geophysics measurement methods
Core drilling
Rock mechanics
Mechanical properties of snow and ice
Permafrost – primarily in rocks
Thermal modelling
Construction of roads and landing strips
Harbor construction
Hydroelectric power plant construction
Infrastructure for industrial plants
Arctic Logistics

Note: The course should normally be taken as part of the Arctic Semester package together with 11815 and 11852, but the course can also be taken as an Open University course provided a field safety course has been completed.

Course details

Academic level(s)Master
Language of instructionEnglish
InstitutionArctic DTU
Begin date-
End date-
Registration deadline-
ECTS credits15.0
Field schoolNo
Fields of studyEngineering and engineering trades (others)Architecture and town planning
Teaching placeSisimiut, Greenland
Teaching termSpring (2016)
Tagsinfrastructureconstructionextreme conditions
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