Business Practice in Norway: Sustainable Business Practices in the High North

How could government and business successfully cooperate on environmental issues? What does it really mean to be sustainable for a company and whether is it possible to maintain sustainability and profitability? Which sustainable practices of the companies in the High North might be of a value for others and how these practices could be transferred to a new context? These and similar issues will be in the core of Business Practices this year.

The program Business Practice in Norway (BPN) is held each summer on the basis of Bodø Graduate School of Business, University of Nordland (Bodø, Norway). Since the start of the program in 2003 it has been the offer for Russian business students from Saint-Petersburg, Murmansk and Arkhangelsk. However, from the year 2007 the program was extended, and brought together managers and students from different Russian institutions and organizations. Traditionally, the trademark of the program has included visiting of specified Norwegian enterprises and getting experienced with Norwegian style of business administration. Taking into consideration growing interests to the industrial potential of the High North associated with increasing sustainability considerations, the Nordland county enterprises and their ways of handling these challenges have become the focus area of the course.

The 13th Business Practice in Norway in August 2015 will focus on companies sustainable practices experiences of operating in the High North under conditions created for them by the government.

The programme is relevant for ambitious students and employees in any firm or organization looking for new international opportunities while keeping and developing awareness of up-to-date approaches to management practices. The companies of the Nordland county, we believe, present good cases to learn from. Such topics as international cooperation, accounting practices and project management techniques will be covered in theory and practice during the course.

We will involve organizations of different profiles, such as energy (oil-and-gas, water), fishery, recycling, logistics and transportation, small business, and others.

Preliminary program for the course


Bachelor degree (4 years completed). No specialization requirements. However, the program is designed for students in business studies fields. English is the official language of the program.


Participation fee is 5 500 NOK or 650 EUR per participant. The fee includes accommodation costs 02.08.2015-08.08.2015 (NOK 550 per night per person), meals during the course, bus service and the course compendium. The course fee and administration costs will be covered by Bodø Graduate School of Business. Accommodation: single rooms (own cooking facilities, own bathroom) in the new hotel NordAvind on the University campus.

Course details

Academic level(s)Master
Language of instructionEnglish
InstitutionNord University
Begin date02.08.2015
End date08.08.2015
Registration deadline25.05.2015
ECTS credits7.5
Field schoolYes
Fields of studyManagement and administrationBusiness and administration (others)
Teaching placeBodø, Norway
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