Arctic Environmental Pollution: Atmospheric Distribution and Processes

The combinations of Arctic ambient atmospheric conditions (long periods of light or dark, cold, dry air, strong wind) affect the chemical reactions affecting persistence (lifetime) and distributions of contaminants.

Climate change is expected to play a role, yet unspecified, in this process.


Specific topics:

  • The real “POPs” defined: persistent, bioaccumulative, toxic (PBT).

  • Arctic conditions that affect “P” and “B” in PBT.

  • Chemistry of the polar atmosphere.

  • Contaminant storage in ice in the Arctic and the effect of a changing climate.

  • Forecasting and hindcasting movement of contaminants through the Arctic atmosphere: the application of models.

  • The role of particles in Arctic atmospheric contaminant distribution.

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InstitutionUniversity Centre in Svalbard
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Registration deadline15.10.2014
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Teaching placeSvalbard
Tagsenvironmentchemistryarctic atmospherepersistent bioaccumulative toxicpolar atmosphere
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