Fundamentals of Soil Systems

The chemistry and biology of soil, including inorganic soil components, chemistry of soil organic matter, soil equilibria, sorption phenomena on soils, ion exchange processes, kinetics of soil processes, redox chemistry of soils, soil acidity, chemistry of saline and sodic soils, organic pollutants, trace and toxic elements in soils, soil organisms (microbial decomposers, micro and macro biota), organic matter cycling, nutrient cycling and fertility and productivity, soil conservation and sustainable agriculture. Laboratory will cover a number of key physical, chemical and biological properties and procedures used in soil analyses. One or more field trips will be scheduled during laboratory sessions.

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Academic level(s)Bachelor
Language of instructionEnglish
InstitutionMemorial University of Newfoundland
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ECTS credits0.0
Field schoolNo
Fields of studyBiology and biochemistryChemistry
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Tagsearth sciencesoil
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