Globalization and Development. Theories and Issues.

The course focuses on the major conceptualisations of development and globalization, and on the effects of the changing international political and economic relationships between the multilateral institutions, the state and the civil society.

The thematic issues, which will serve as points of departure for the lectures/seminars, - include: global governance institutions - IMF, World Bank and WTO; trade - liberalization, rural development; NGOs role in empowerment and microcredit versus micro-finance; gender perspectives on livelihood strategies and the informal economy. Illustrative cases will be drawn from both the South and the North. Among the questions highlighted are; what have been the predominant development pathways in different regions and sub-regions? Who have mostly influenced the global discourses on development, economic growth and human rights in the late 20th century? What are the economic macro policies, and modern technologies that have facilitated trade, financial investments and migration across national borders? Why has the distribution of the benefits from these global developments been uneven between regions, nations and social groups within nations?

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