Safety in the Laboratory and on Sea and Land Expeditions

The entire course, or parts of it, is compulsory for new staff, guest lecturers and master degree students using the labs or doing field research.

The course will be held as an intensive course in the beginning of each semester. The course will consist of one module (part 1) lasting about 12 hrs and a minimum of 16 academic hours of subjects of the students' own choice. Attendance is compulsory for part 1 (16 h) and for the chosen subjects (minimum 16 h).



Part 1 - EHS work

1A) Systematic EHS- Internal guidelines, records of substances and products, risk evaluation and chemical labwork

1B) First aid - (two groups, one for lab and one for field/expeditions)

1C) Preparedness within UiT - Fire protection, emergency routines, exercises




Part 2) Biological substances(10 h). Biological substances, genetically modified material, routines and regulations, zoonoses

Part 3) Use of Gloves(1 h)

Part 4) Allergy(2 h)

Part 5) Liquid nitrogen (2 h)

Part 6) Gas under pressure(2 h)

Part 7) Safety on expeditions(25 h)

* Theoretical and practical training at Havarivernsenteret (16 h)

* Cruise and fieldwork guidelines and regulations (1 h)

* Fieldwork rubber boat practices (8 h)

Part 8) Safety for fieldwork (22 h).

*Theoretical (6 h ) and practical training (7 h)

* Cruise and fieldwork regulations (1 h)

* Fieldwork rubber boat practices (8 h)

Part 9) Radiation safety, introductory (3 h)

Part 10) Radiation safety (10 h) - Only in the autumn semester

Course details

Academic level(s)Master,Other
Language of instruction
InstitutionUiT The Arctic University of Norway
Begin date-
End date-
Registration deadline-
ECTS credits0.0
Field schoolNo
Fields of studyLife science (broad programmes)
Teaching placeTromsø
Tagssafetysciencelablab work
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