The Multipurpose Summer Practice School: Biodiversity - Saving on the Global, Regional and Local Levels

The summer practice is organized for students from geographical and biological specialties, and the goals are to show to students the diversity of plants and animals in natural conditions and to teach understand it, to explain complicated natural links in wild nature, to study specifics of northeast lake shore’s landscapes and geomorphological and geological processes.

The objectives of the summer practice are:

  • to improve knowledge about the taxonomy of vascular plants and animals;
  • to form idea about key species of the local flora and fauna;
  • to teach students to identify plants and to collect a herbarium, collected of animals;
  • to study the methodic of complex campestral researching;
  • to detect and study environmental geosystems on the different levels;
  • to improve understanding of relationships in wild nature;
  • to improve skill of using geographical and biological information and materials (maps, special literature);
  • international cooperation and communication of students from different cultures. 


The following excursions are provided in the plan:

  • the routs around Maksimikha village: pine-larch forest, birch and pine forest, coastal community on the sands of coast of lake Baikal;
  • the routs around Goryachinsk village: pine moss-lichen forests, marshy grasslands, coastal community on the sands of coast of lake Baikal with the participation of the Baikal endemic;
  • 2-3 day excursion: Monakhovo village - Great Baikal trail – Bay “Zmeinaya”. The purpose of excursion is study altitudinal zonality and research all types of communities of pen. Svyatoi Nos (The Saint Nose).


Placement: summer camping on the Buryat state university scientific base.

Cost: 400 rub. per a day (13$)

Food supply: 300 rub. per a day (10$)

Transfer: Ulan-Ude – Maksimikha, Maksimikha – Ulan-Ude – 800 rub (26$), Maksimikha – Monakhovo - Bay “Zmeinaya” – Maksimikha – boat – 2500 rub (77,92$)

Course details

Academic level(s)Other
Language of instruction
InstitutionBanzarov Buryat State University
Begin date01.07.2014
End date10.07.2014
Registration deadline-
ECTS credits0.0
Field schoolYes
Fields of studyLife science (broad programmes)
Teaching placeBSU base in Maksimikha
Tagssummer school
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