Arctic Hydrology and Climate Change

Although the teaching in the course is focused on the understanding of the hydrological processes, it has a holistic approach to the concepts of the hydrological cycle and the hydrological systems of the Arctic, which is essential for the understanding of the potential impacts of climate change. 

Specific topics:

  • Climate and hydrology of the Arctic.

  • Hydrometeorological measurements and observations.

  • The Arctic catchment

  • Permafrost hydrology; river and lake ice.

  • Snow processes

  • Glaciers and glacier hydrology.

  • Erosion and sediment transport..

  • Hydrological models.

  • Climate change impacts on the hydrological cycle with focus on the Arctic.

  • Technological applications in the Arctic environment.

Course details

Academic level(s)Bachelor
Language of instruction
InstitutionUniversity Centre in Svalbard
Begin date-
End date-
Registration deadline15.04.2014
ECTS credits15.0
Field schoolNo
Fields of studyEngineering and engineering trades (others)
Teaching placeSvalbard
Tagstechnologypermafrostengineeringhydrologysnow processerosionhydrological cycle
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