Snow and Ice

The aim of the course is to give you knowledge about how to take advantage of winter climate and avoid problems related to ice and snow.

- Basic understanding of arctic conditions

- Basic understanding of the phenomena for both natural and artificial formation of ice

- Knowledge about the range for density, shear strength, compression and tensile strength and heat conductivity for ice and snow

- Knowledge about systems for classification of ice and snow

- Basic understanding of metamorphism of dry and wet snow with special attention to causes

- Knowledge about different methods to evaluate the risk for avalanches

- Snow precipitation and snowmelt, problems associated with measuring snow precipitation rates, different models to calculate snowmelt

- Snow accumulation, different techniques and models to improve knowledge about snow accumulation patterns

- Pollution in snow sources, types, measurements, maintenance

- Snow removing techniques, strategies and costs

- Engineering applications for ice and snow


Course details

Academic level(s)Bachelor
Language of instruction
InstitutionLuleå University of Technology
Begin date-
End date-
Registration deadline-
ECTS credits7.5
Field schoolNo
Fields of studyBasic/broad, general programmes
Teaching placeLuleå, Sweden
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