Arctic Environmental Management

The development of management strategies and practice is presented against a background of knowledge concerning the geophysical, biological processes and politics characterizing the Arctic. The focus is on the Svalbard region of the European Arctic.

The course presents an introduction to the Svalbard community; the Svalbard Treaty; international conventions, and  legal regulations as a framework for managerial rule in the Svalbard region, Arctic Council and international organizations; structure, legal basis and fields of responsibilities for institutions involved in the management of Arctic natural resources; the philosophy of Arctic management, basic information on the Arctic geophysical environment, ecosystems and resource dynamics, human presence in the Arctic geophysical environmental, ecosystem, and natural resources; challenges and conflict scenarios relating to resource management in the Arctic including environmental impact assessment protocols; environmental strategies, encroachment analysis and assessment systems for ecological key components relating to environment and resource management.


The course introduces students to procedures, methods and technology central to environmental monitoring and management planning. Role playing workshops provide insight into the subtle role of cultural differences in the management of the Arctic.

Course details

Academic level(s)Bachelor
Language of instruction
InstitutionUniversity Centre in Svalbard
Begin date-
End date-
Registration deadline15.10.2014
ECTS credits15.0
Field schoolNo
Fields of studyPolitical science and civicsBiology and biochemistryLife science (broad programmes)Earth science
Teaching placeSvalbard
Tagsenvironmentsvalbardarctic councillegal regulationsenvironmental monitoring
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