Marine Spatial Planning

The course is an in-depth analysis of the Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) process.

In the past ten years the concept of blue growth has globally become a hot topic, and most coastal states have been turning to marine areas for economic growth. This blue economy offers opportunities for generating jobs and income, but also poses serious challenges related to sustainable  management of the marine environment and use of marine space. The latter, marine spatial planning (MSP), is the focus of this course. To manage marine space one needs to understand which stakeholders have spatial demands (where, when and what), and what the legal and policy constraints are. To truly experience how MSP works we play a serious game. In the game the students play the role of real life stakeholders and have to find space for 10 GW of wind energy in the Dutch part of the North Sea.

Completed undergraduate studies, regardless of whether BA, BSc, BEd, or other equivalent study. It is important for applicants to have a good knowledge of English, as all teaching takes place in English.

Course details

Academic level(s)Master
Language of instruction
InstitutionUniversity Centre of the Westfjords
Begin date15.03.2021
End date26.03.2021
Registration deadline15.02.2021
ECTS credits4.0
Field schoolNo
Fields of studyEnvironmental protection (others)
Teaching placeÍsafjörður, Westfjords
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