Knowledge of Indigenous Cultural Expressions and Arts

Do you want to learn about the indigenous cultural expressions and art, but language or distance to the study place have been a barrier? This fall we're teaching "Knowledge of Indigenous Cultural Expressions and Arts" online in English, which is an unique possibility to learn about traditional indigenous cultural expressions and art for non-Sámi speakers.

The course provides the students with a perspective on indigenous cultural expressions and art in the past and the present.The way of thinking and the meaning of indigenous cultural expressions are discussed from the point of view of individual artistsand different indigenous groups.

The course examines the position of indigenous cultural expressions also in the context of western art in different periods and indigenous societies.In addition, the students will analyze (the connection between)indigenous cultural expressionsand art inthe post-colonialistcritical theories and in the indigenous epistemology.The themes of the course are approached both theoretically and through students’assignments.

The course is divided into two(2) areas of study:

1) Contemporary Sámi art and duodji.

2) The cultural expressionsand artof indigenous peoples.

Course details

Academic level(s)Bachelor
Language of instruction
InstitutionSámi University of Applied Sciences
Begin date06.09.2021
End date08.12.2021
Registration deadline15.04.2021
ECTS credits15.0
Field schoolNo
Fields of studyArts (broad programmes)DesignCraft skillsArts (others)
Teaching placeKautokeino, Norway
Tagsarcticindigenousmobilitystudy abroadculturecircumpolarstudieseducationartdesignsamiindigenousEducationCircumpolarArctic
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