Physical glaciology course with an emphasis on Arctic glaciers

Glaciers and ice sheets cover a significant portion of the planet and have major impacts on surrounding Earth systems and human communities. Glaciers act as a consistent source of freshwater, they sculpt the Earth’s near surface geology, and they can influence tectonics, weather, climate, ocean and surrounding ecosystems. This course will study the life cycle of glaciers and ice sheets, the physics which influence their structure, size, movement, and their interaction with surrounding environments. This course will also explore tools and methods used to study glaciers and ice sheets through practical exercises and experiments. Methods we will explore include classic field glaciological techniques, geochemistry, geophysics, remote sensing, and numerical modeling.

Course details

Academic level(s)Bachelor,Master,PhD
CountryUnited States
Language of instruction
InstitutionClimate Change Institute - University of Maine
Begin date19.01.2021
End date07.05.2021
Registration deadline25.01.2021
ECTS credits4.0
Field schoolNo
Fields of studyEarth science
Teaching placeUniversity of Maine
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