Environmental Geotechnics

Learning about different aspects of environmental geotechnics.

Engineering geology: Quarternary formations and characteristic soil profiles with different soil types.

Remedial investigation: How to conduct monitoring of soil and water in a remedial investigation. Risk assessment.

Soil chemistry: Dispersion of organic and inorganic pollutants in the ground. Properties of filtering and lining in the ground, and how different factors can influence these.

Liner technique: Clays (different clay minerals), geosynthetic clay liners, geomembranes and liner design.

Soil remediation: Case studies with contaminated soil and different remediation techniques.

Waste- and by-products: Properties and applications for different waste- and by-products (ashes, tire chips, etc)

Radon: What does it mean with radon in a ground? How to do an investigation if radon is present in an old and new construction and how to avoid problems with radon.

Laws: Legal handling of contaminated soil.

Course details

Academic level(s)Master
Language of instruction
InstitutionLuleå University of Technology
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ECTS credits7.5
Field schoolNo
Fields of studyMining and extraction
Teaching placeLuleå
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