FF Beret Paulsdatter

R/V Beret Paulsdatter is a brand new (2023) fjord and costal going vessel for marine biological and geological research. Able to bring students and equipment deeper into fjords than larger vessels have been able to. 

R/V Beret Paulsdatter is a brand new research vessel that will start operation in the first half of 2023. It is a multipurpose vessel spesifically designed to be a coast and fjord going vessel able to operate in shallower waters.

R/V Beret Paulsdatter has accomodations for 14 people and has been designed with both research and education in mind. The ship will be used for research and education in the fields of fishery and marine biology, geological, and oceanographic surveys, as well as nautical training. Equipped with wet- and dry lab facilities, samples can be prepared and analysed without the need for returning to land.

Research activities:
- Shrimp/fish stock assessments
- Geological investigations
- Plankton surveys
- Fishing gear trials and underwater surveys
- Marine mammal surveys
- Naval training courses

Institution UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Country Norway
Infrastructure type Research vessel
Disciplines Biology and biochemistry
Environmental sciences
Earth sciences
forestry and fishery
Language of operation Norwegian
Keywords environmentbiologyfisherymarine geologyeducationbiologymarineenvironmentarctic


R/V Beret Paulsdatter is starting operations in the first half of 2023. 

Contact information

For further information and availability of the vessel, please contact Johnny Johansen or Simon Bjørvik.

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