Czech Arctic Research Station "Josef Svoboda" in Svalbard

"Josef Svoboda" research station is operated by University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice. The infrastructure is situated in central part of Svalbard archipelago and it contains three parts:

  1. Julius Payer House in Longyearbyen
  2. Field station "Nostoc" in Petunia bay
  3. Research vessel "Clione"

Czech Arctic Research Station in Svalbard consists of several facilities located in central Svalbard with easy access to Svalbard Airport (LYR). The infrastructure includes a base station in Longyearbyen and a field station in Petuniabukta, as well as a research vessel, motorboats and off-road cars providing logistic support.

Julius Payer House the base station is located in Longyearbyen and provides housing for 8 people with kitchen and bathroom (shower, washing and drier). There are two life science laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art optical microscopes, sterile space (laminar flow cabinet, dry heat and IR sterilizers), centrifuges, etc.

Nostoc Field Station consists of four modular houses connected by a large tent. It accommodates up to 12 people and includes kitchen, laboratory, technical facility (energy generators, basic workshop tools).

RV Clione is a 15 m long motorsailer that can operate around the Svalbard archipelago. It has 3 cabins, kitchen, upper parlour, storage space. Up to 12 person may board the vessel depending on the area of operation.



Institution Centre for Polar Ecology - University of South Bohemia
Country Czech Republic
Infrastructure type Research station
Disciplines Biology and biochemistry
Environmental sciences
Earth sciences
Transportation and logistics
Natural environments and wildlife
Environmental protection
Language of operation Czech
Keywords arctic educationarctic researchArctic Safetysvalbardlogisticsfield work


  Julius Payer house Nostoc Clione
Capacity 8 persons 12 persons 6 (12*) persons
Availability All season Jul-Sep** Jun-Sep**
Communication Wi-Fi, cellphone satellite phone, VHF satellite phone, VHF


*for one day cruises 

**access may be arranged outside of this period upon prior negotiation


The prices for logistics services provided at our station can be found on the station website.

All scientific projects must be registered in Research in Svalbard database. Special permitting is needed for certain types of reserach projects.

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