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Wednesday, 24 May 2023
Location: Musée de la Civilisation de Québec, 85 Rue Dalhousie, Québec city (Québec) G1K 8R2
Time: 18:00 – 20:00 o’clock

The Musée de la Civilisation is located in the historic district of Old Quebec, surrounded by wonderful restaurants and boutique hotels. Join this evening to learn more about First Nations and Inuit, spend time networking with fellow northern researchers over cocktail hour and enjoy a traditional Inuit throat singing performance.


Exhibition on First Nations and Inuit in the 21st Century

This Is Our Story draws on a rich collection of Aboriginal art—more than 450 objects are on display to introduce today's Aboriginal cultures and how they view the world. What does it mean to be Aboriginal in the 21st century?

This Is Our Story is an exhibition in five parts:

  • "Who We Are Today: The Reserve, Our Communities"
  • "Our Roots"
  • "A Time of Turmoil"
  • "Decolonization: Healing"
  • "What Are Our Dreams for the Future?

Visit the exhibition website to learn more. 


Traditional Inuit throat singing and drumming by Janice Parsons Gordon and Sandy Emudluk (Kuujuuaq)

Born in Kuujjjuaq, Janice has been throat singing since she was 7 years old. She is part of the Kuujjuaq Youth Group who performs each year for the opening of the Aqpik Jam Festival, in Kuujjuaq. Not only does Janice throat sing, but she also plays the Inuit drum and she's the one who taught her partner, Sandy Emudluk, how to play! During performances, Janice always wears a traditional outfit called "arnautik" sewn by herself and her mother.

Find out more about Janice Parsons Gordon from here.


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