ARC-YF will bring together 21 Arctic and Northern youth residing in Greenland, Alaska, and Canada for a 9-month virtual fellowship. Fellows will attend monthly online workshops where they can engage with global experts on a range of Arctic issues, including climate change, Arctic economic and infrastructure development, renewable resources, green energy technologies, Arctic governance, local-scale planning, and Indigenous knowledge and cultural practices. The fellowship will also provide opportunities to visit different Arctic communities in Greenland, Alaska, and Canada for hands-on learning experiences. Finally, the fellowship will culminate in individual community-based projects that will aid in the longevity and resiliency of Arctic communities.

ARC-YF is a collaborative effort between Institute of the North, North Star Group, the Government of Canada, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Greenland School of Minerals and Petroleum, and the Denali Commission. 

All interested Arctic and Northern youth can apply. Deadline to apply is October 5th , 2022 at 8pm EST.

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