Ulla Rinman is 24m long and 6,90m wide. It provides over 12 banks for scientists and 3 for nautical crew. It has 22ton of diesel bunker and therefore a range of circa 3500 Nautical Miles. Its sufficient water tanks & her water maker make her autonomous for more then 4 weeks.

In addition 2 auxiliary engines, 2 cranes, a dry room and ample storage space for the expedition material, such as samples, skis, ice picks, shovels, backpacks, crampons, etc. Two dinghies are available for the landings.

The boat can get chartered on a low budget by research institutes around the world.

Since some dates are already "reserved" by different research institutes, it is recommend to contact the organization already at the early stage of your expedition development.

Read the details in the PDF leaflet

Further information can be found here.