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SESSION GC046: Impacts of a Changing Climate on Alaska’s Permafrost Landscapes and Infrastructure
Conveners: Anna M. Wagner, Jerry Brown, and Emma Lathrop

Alaskan permafrost research spans tens of millions of hectares in area and generations of researchers dating back to the mid-20th century. Key to understanding the consequences of changing climate are the well-documented, long-term observations of ground temperatures, coastal erosion, vegetation, landscape dynamics, and carbon cycling. The proposed session will focus on current measurements and multi-year records of changing permafrost and its implications for infrastructure and natural environments. Organizers aim to elucidate the current state of knowledge and showcase the results of these ongoing and legacy measurements, mitigations, and potential for future changes. The session will be facilitated by the U.S. Permafrost Association as it celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2022. Organizers seek participation from a diverse set of participants, including scientists and engineers from all fields of permafrost research. In particular, studies on engineering approaches that preserve the integrity of permafrost in rural communities encountering permafrost-related hazards are encouraged.

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