The open questionnaire was made of fifteen questions (either open or not). It was conducted in an effort to investigate not only how Covid-19 pandemic has affected and limited Thematic Networks’ and Institutes’ operations but also to learn what new ways of operating and conducting activities have been implemented, how they worked out and what new ways are planned to be initiated in the future.

The survey was also intended as a tool to understand how the UArctic Thematic Networks and Research Liaison Office could support Thematic Networks better during the Covid-19 pandemic. Although a small number of respondents stated that it has been able to conduct the planned activities during year 2020, most of the answerers highlighted the great disruptions that the pandemic has caused. As it happened in many cases worldwide, during last months, Thematic Networks and Institutes substantially relied upon online communications while developing new online contents. Nevertheless, the vastness of the Arctic region and the remote location of certain Arctic communities and spread-out groups sometimes posed considerable obstacles. As one respondent affirms: “The Arctic is being divided between those with good and those with bad connections”.

Even so, Thematic Networks and Institutes appeared to be motivated in keeping experimenting with new methods of remote participation, “in view of the fact that the Covid-19 situation as well as climate change mitigation may require reduced travelling in the future”, as one respondent noted. New ways to create engaging contents and to support the access to internet services for remote Arctic communities are challenging objectives, still, they are necessary to continue strengthening the great Arctic network.

You can download the Short Report here along with a blank version of the survey (Attachment 1).

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