Arctic indigenous youth interested in food, innovation and business idea planning are welcome. Organized by the UArctic EALAT Institute in collaboration with Professor Bjørn Willy Åmo, Northern University,

We welcome young people from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, North America and Greenland. Workshops are unique and practically oriented that focus on creative processes that identify business ideas and the development of new business concepts related to traditional indigenous knowledge, about food culture and resources. The course provides students with an introduction to how new business ideas are identified and developed into viable business concepts, including traditional indigenous people's knowledge of food production and conservation as a basis for innovation and business models. We will identify and understand how to bring business ideas to markets, develop a business concept, analyze business opportunities, identify their own entrepreneurial potential, participate in creative business development processes, grasp basic concepts of innovation and circular economics, and understand the basics of indigenous food systems and traditional indigenous people's knowledge of food. At the same time, you get to attend professional seminars, about new methods for slaughter of reindeer, traditional caribou hunters' knowledge, reconciliation processes between Arctic food knowledge, Arctic indigenous food congresses, chefs and food competitions.

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