We are inviting you to experience the unique educational atmosphere of Tampere and the magic white nights of the Nordic summer. Registration is open until 30 April at https://events.tuni.fi/internationalstaffweek2019/registration/

To Whom: Please see the three different tracks in the programme

The programme of the International Staff Week is divided into three tracks:

TRACK 1: Building an Attractive University (design lab, student marketing, industry cooperation)

Target groups:
– Personnel from Business Services, Partnerships Offices or other units that work to enhance university business relations and to build business partnerships
– Persons responsible for/interested in marketing efforts, events production and service design aiming to an increase in university business encounter and cooperation
– Persons striving to develop business cooperation processes & concepts within the university including e.g. research and student cooperation

TRACK 2: Joint and Double Degrees and Talent Attraction Management

Target groups:
– International coordinators responsible for international degree programmes and student exchanges
– Academics responsible for international degree programmes
– International HR specialists

TRACK 3: Research-intensive Universities Aiming to the Top (Rankings and Research Quality)

Target groups:
– Personnel from Research Services (e.g. Head of Research Services or persons from pre-award side) and Personnel from Research Development Academics responsible for international degree programmes
– Persons who are responsible for the strategy of the university and are building partnerships with the business and persons who are making (and maybe executing) strategic actions and decisions what comes to the acquirement of external public funding from sources such as H2020
– Persons who are working in the environment of research development and are potentially planning and executing research assessment

Where: Tampere University, City Centre Campus and Hervanta Campus
When: 10 - 14 June 2019
Participation fee: 120 €

We would really like to spend this week with you – see you in Tampere!

For more information, see the event webpage. 


Tampere University has been a member of the University of the Arctic since 2013.