Contaminants can cause significant, long-lasting damage to sensitive terrain. Governments, First Nations, environmental agencies, and petroleum and mining companies are responsible for developing strategies that minimize environmental damage. At the same time, governments and regulatory bodies are charged with filling information gaps and developing plans to remediate contaminated sites. The data required to address these problems has not been easily accessible until now.

The release of this book set and accompanying databases fills this gap. Contaminants in Freezing Soils and Permafrost: Fate, Transport, and Transformation gives civil and environmental engineers and geoscientists in universities, research institutions, corporations, provincial and municipal governments, and regulatory agencies access to the data and analytical tools required to assess the behaviour of LNALPs, DNALPs, and metalloid contaminants in seasonally frozen soils and permafrost in a variety of settings.

For more information or to order copies for the University of the Arctic membership libraries, please contact:

T.L. (Les) White, PhD
Principal Scientist
Permafrost Environmental Consulting
Retired Research Professor
Director, Geotechnical Science Laboratory
Carleton University
Ottawa, Canada