This niche Video on Demand service is available for both the institutional and private end consumer market in the geographical territory of Norway, Sweden and Finland (and parts of Russia in the future). The service enables anyone to stream and watch high quality, interesting and exciting films for pure amusement, as well as learning about Sámi people and their culture, language and history, at the same time. 

ISFI offers a Sámi film collection of both shorts, documentaries and animated films of Nordic origin. At the time of the launch in March 2018, the collection covered, among others, films from 7 short stories such as Eahparaš directed by Anne Merete A. Gaup and Oh Maigon Girl directed by Marja Bål Nango, the list has only increased since then.

Including a documentary on Súme, concerning how a rock band started the fight for independence in Greenland.

The future goal is to offer films about other international indigenous people and cultures from all over the Arctic region. This will be accomplished through the Arctic Indigenous Film Fund (AIFF), which is an international collaboration, with partners in the whole Circumpolar Arctic, Alaska, Canada, Greenland Sápmi and Russia.

The aim of the foundation is to promote high quality Arctic Indigenous peoples Film Projects and co-productions that enhance indigenous peoples cultures, languages and societies.

AIFF activities focus on capacity building, climate, environment, indigenous land rights and indigenous knowledge.