The 1st call for proposals of "Bioeconomy in the North"

The deadline for proposal submission will be January 17th, 2019 – 13:00 CET.

Projects in the frame of „Bioeconomy in the North“ should significantly contribute to at least one of the three following topics:

  1. Forest Biomass Production

Priority topics:      

  • Improved forest biomass, focusing for example on production via accelerated breeding
  • Innovative breeding, cultivation, harvest and storage systems allowing a more integrated natural resource management and resource planning
  1. Lignocellulosic Biomass Conversion

Priority topics:

  • Improved biomass conversion and valorization, focusing for example on chemicals, fibers and innovative products
  • New and innovative production and value chains
  1. Valorization and Governance Strategies and Policy Instruments for Sustainable Bioeconomy Development

Priority topics:

  • Analysis for better matching biomass demand and supply (policy information)
  • Analysis and development of existing / new markets and business models
  • Policy analysis and impact assessment in light of responsible research and innovation (RRI)

The total budget for funding transnational research projects in the first call of BiN will be approximatively about 5.5 million €. There is no limit for maximal requested funding per project. Funding of the project partners is provided by the participating national programs according to their respective national regulations.

More information and contact persons can be found at the call website.