"Today, there are several models of the development in the Arctic, which are represented by nomadic cultures, and their comparison with the ancient cultures gives a clue to the secret how the Arctic and northern Eurasia were explored. Our country is the north of Eurasia. In ancient times it was the periglacial region, which is generally looked like the Arctic. So when we speak about the Arctic in relation to antiquity, we speak about the space that is now called Russia".

Modern nomads kept the key technologies of conquering the north that had been invented in ancient times. Today the style of nomadic movement is slightly different, but in general, it is possible to draw analogues.

"In Congress, I will present the report prepared on the basis of a new method of so-called three-dimensional recording: road, map and action, - says Andrey Golovnev. - We apply a live mapping, the recording of nomads' movement by GPS-navigator, multiscale mapping and photo and video filming. As a result we receive not just a text description, but a live picture and thereby restore the picture of the movement, migration and interaction".

IV International Northern Archaeological Congress will be held on October 19-23 in Khanty-Mansiysk. More than 200 scientists from Russia, Finland, France, Kazakhstan, India, Canada and other countries submitted applications to participate in the Congress.