Russian regions prepare actively for this event: the holiday concert organized by Shor and Teleut peoples will take place in Novokuznetsk; Dudinka parents with baby carriages will take part in the festive procession; traditional indigenous arts and crafts competition is held in Khabarovsk. The Sakhalin regional museum will host different cultural events.

Presentation of the book "Ancient cultures and indigenous peoples of Sakhalin" will open the celebration. The presentation will be accompanied by the photo exhibition "The striking power of tradition", which will feature rare photos capturing traditional national holidays of Sakhalin Indigenous Peoples in the period from the 19th to the beginning of the 21st century.

Guided tours and lectures on traditional cuisine of indigenous peoples of Sakhalin, master classes and traditional Nivkh games will be organized for museum visitors. One of the fascinating points of the program will be an interactive platform "Nivkh settlement" which will be held in the territory around the museum. Museum guests can try on traditional Nivkh costumes and visit a replica of the Nivkh home, where the guide will plunge into the atmosphere of everyday life of the ancient inhabitants of Sakhalin. Everyone can take a picture in the national Nivkh suit as well.

 Another part of the festive events will be ethno-sport game "Ptyavala" and handiwork master class on application and drawing "Nivkh patterns" as well as clay figures modeling master class based on fairy tales of indigenous peoples of the world. Also planned is a musical program "Sounds of Nature", several songs with accompaniment of the jew's harp will be performed by the local musical group "Sakhalin Peoples". The main actors of all these events, of course, will be Nivkh, Uilta, Evenk and Nanai peoples.

For reference: there are more than 240 thousand representatives of the indigenous peoples of the North in Russia.

Based on materials from the site of the Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia and the Russian Far East